The World's Largest CSP Plant

by Rob Gara - March 2013

This Sunday, Masdar, along with its partners Total and Abengoa, launched the world's largest concentrated solar power (CSP) project. Called Shams 1, the power plant covers an area of 2.5 km² -- about 285 soccer fields -- and powers about 20,000 homes. Located in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, Shams 1 is a major achievement for clean energy in the Middle East.

“The inauguration of Shams 1 is a major breakthrough for renewable energy in the Middle East,” said Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, CEO of Masdar. “Just like the rest of the word, the region is faced with meeting its rising demand for energy, while also working to reduce its carbon footprint. Shams 1 is a significant milestone, as large-scale renewable energy is proving it can deliver electricity that is sustainable, affordable and secure.”

Incorporating the latest in parabolic trough technology, the project features more than 258,000 mirrors mounted on 768 tracking parabolic trough collectors. By concentrating heat from direct sunlight onto oil-filled pipes, Shams 1 produces steam, which drives a turbine and generates electricity. In addition, the solar project uses a booster to heat steam as it enters the turbine to dramatically increase the cycle’s efficiency. The project also includes a dry-cooling system that significantly reduces water consumption – a critical advantage in the arid desert of western Abu Dhabi.

Big ups to the UAE and Masdar. Looking foward to more.

Disclosure: Masdar is a client of a public affairs firm that employs the publishers of NW Cleantech

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4/4/2013 12:46:44 AM #

Also in the Middle East, Israel is developing very interesting CSP projects:
One of these projects which is still in experimental phase aims to transfrom greenhouse gases into fuel,
another project using CSP to transform "air" into potable water
and in the Eilat Eilot region there is the largest CSP project in the region.
I writte from time to time notes about renewables in Israel at

tobias |

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